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    The DJI Phantom 3 Professional has a 4K Ultra HD video camera that is second-to-none in the world of drone photography. It uses the DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android which allows for live viewing and complete camera control. The Phantom 3 Professional also uses Lightbridge digital streaming for live viewing of 720p video (with full resolution video being recorded to the micro SD card), and has a 3-axis gimbal for ultimate control of your drone footage.

    The bundle comes with two DJI phantom 3 batteries, with each battery lasting around 22-25 minutes. Also notable about the Phantom 3 Professional is that is uses a Vision Positioning system so that it’ll fly smoothly indoors even without a GPS signal. At the price of $1,408, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional w/ 4K UHD Video Camera and an extra battery is the best camera drone you’re going to find for the money.

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